Sunday, December 30, 2007

scare of the day

my computer decided to have an emotional and slightly physical breakdown this evening, after a few minor scares yesterday when she/he/it randomly shut down and had a bit of a fit. today's fiasco was more serious, and apparently is fixed by removing the battery, running only on the power cord. of course, i didn't know that until after i had a small breakdown of my own, spazzing, catching the bus to campus at 8 o'clock on a sunday the day before new years eve when no one in their right mind is on campus, coming to the architecture building where i had to turn on the lights for the floor because, again, no one with half a brain would be here (i have a real crisis, but the 2nd year boys that showed up a bit ago and are messing with their models are freaks), and looking through blogs of computer related jargon and advice, until i came up with the brilliant solution of taking out the battery(all on my own, in fact) and then researching what happens to your computer if your battery fails. sigh. so after all that, i'm left with a working computer (thank god) and just to be nice and friendly to the device that holds some of the most important documents and things in my life, we're running scandisks and defragging things. everyone deserves to be pampered and later, i might even treat her/he/it to a can of air.

i took a little outing last night, spent some well deserved time with jill, my pretty red bike, and off we went around the city. she was cooped up in my apartment for the time i spent out visiting my family, and she hasn't admitted it, but she missed me. christmas lights are still up everywhere... i love this time of year.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

knitter rebeginner

it was high time that i should begin to knit again, after having learned and forgotten and learned and forgotten. it began, for the third time, in michigan, where my mother lives. party because of the bitter cold and partly out of restlessness, i endured the long drive to a place they call HobbyLobby and purchased the required knitting needles and yarn that i failed to bring with me from home. and now i want to do little else.

so "what have i been knitting?" might you ask. warmers. nothing but warmers: leg and wrist, to be precise.