Tuesday, February 26, 2008

words are not enough

i will not bore you with the words... i'd rather things exist as images right now.

Friday, February 22, 2008

trunks that house

my thesis(i'm an architecture student) relates to luggage. that's all i'll say to explain the arrival of a steamer trunk, circa 1920, to my studio.

new tickle on the way... this one with a slight beak.

and mr. toby tickle wanted to inhabit the trunk so badly that i had to make him a little house.

now if i could just do the work i'm supposed to be doing...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the cat is out of the bag - and now i'm in it

the story that is the thesis that began with my xl timbuk2 bag that holds my life (or so i say). and beyond beleif, it contains me too!

innocently, i wondered if i could actually fit inside my bag like people say i probably can... and so, the experiment began.

sitting in it seemed easy enough, but i wanted more... and so i ventured deeper.

and then this happened:

before i knew it i was clipped in, being dragged out of my studio, carried away by the very bag that is usually carried by me. i think it was theraputic to switch roles and may even revisit this.

my vintage samsonite suitcase and i do not have quite the same relationship.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

tickles of love

another tickle. this one, accidental. something happened in the middle of creation and this little guy was born hat first! silly how these things happen sometimes, but some of us need hats more than others.born on valentine's day (a day i would usually not even recognize unless otherwise forced to), there might be something special about this one. no armature wire, this little guy is completely soft and therefore, does just about nothing.
it must have been the curly hair that made me do it... there's no explanation. i was watching harry potter and the order of the pheonix and watching luna lovegood with the phestrals, her bare feet and long curly blonde hair, i thought, "hey, i need curls!" and ten minutes later i had my sponge rollers out and was in full swing of rolling up my brunette locks of what was sure to be pure craziness. and it was!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

feeling lethargic

again, not wanting to do thesis, but alas, i find that i have no other choice. i really must graduate at some point, and that point is quickly approaching.
pictures from the things i seem to be doing....

above are pictures of the boards i submitted for the stewardson competition this year. i was one of six selected out of my class of 40 students to submit. i think it's supposed to be an honor... but it turned into a confusing week that i probably should have spent on my thesis. (drawn with pen, pencil, colored pencil on white museum board)

and this is the second or third layer of my reduction print for my relief II printmaking class. i actually liked it just like this.... but it's much different now. i had my critique on thursday, and i suppose i was fine with whatever i produced. next: no more maps.