Saturday, January 19, 2008

suddenly i'm feeling very norma rae

could i just not do thesis?? i don't want to... the purple tickle is a bit larger than the red one, and i like the porportions better. he was made while on the plane rides to and from las vegas, where i spent a couple days, a day at the grand canyon, amboy, barstow, and 29 palms. pictures from amboy, california where five classmates and myself were measuring buildings for habs (historic american building survey):

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

tickle me tender tickle me sweet

tickle number two! i began almost immediately after the first, realizing what i did wrong and seriously reconsidering the sizes of things like feet, hands, arms, and body. proportions were very different than i had wanted for the first.i love the bright red color contrasted with the seabreeze and the bright white hands, feet, and nose. they don't have many colors of this yarn at pearl, but i was looking at and they have plenty of colors. i may just be placing an order soon.
after done, tickle002 decided to have a look at my bathroom for whatever reason, probably wanted to look in the mirror, but couldn't reach. rather silly, she tried to play hide and seek in my medicine cabinet. good thing i look in there, otherwise i would have found a dead tickle in a couple days - she might have been trapped for good.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

meet Tickle. after hours of labor that included many a hand cramp, watering eyes, a headache, and many hours of harry potter audiobook, Tickle was born just before 11 o'clock tonight. part kitten, part bunny, and mostly cotton, tickle was made with natural and seabreeze color pure cotton worsted weight yarn. crocheted with a size F needle and embelishments with embroidery floss. inside, she's all odds and ends of random yarn + red armature wire. i made up my own pattern, although i was working off of patterns found here and here.

Friday, January 4, 2008

tonight after work, i made plans for a crazy friday night - to do dishes, perhaps make dinner, listen to harry potter audio books, go get yarn, and begin making my version of my misio. they are just too cute, and slightly stupid, and i simply must have one minus the $60 price tag. i'm not going to make an exact replica... i might rather have a bunny or something with a belly. something like a amigurumi buddah/rabbit/cat. i like the yard colors that i got, seaspray and natural. actually, there weren't very many options. i suppose if this one goes well, i can always make nicer versions.

i've been thinking how much i'd like to open an etsy store... except that i don't make things that often, or that perfectly (since everything is usually made for me and i make certain allowances), and don't have much time with work and school. or school and work, as it should go. but for the moment, i am excited. i'd like very much to take this little thing with me to california and the grand canyon when i go in a week (gosh, less than a week) but probably won't because of the armature wire that will be inside and how am i to explain it to the people at security? and more than that... i don't want to have to do it in front of the people i'll be with. a shame. perhaps i'll let someone babysit or it'll stay at home and keep jill, my pretty red bike, company.

the first project of the year commences now!