Sunday, May 31, 2009

this girl is now a ma'am

i suppose i've been gone for a while and my trades of anything have been sitting on the shelf collecting dust, if they haven't flown out of a window and been forgotten entirely. i spent time in newport, rhode island where i went through officer candidate school to begin my stint in the united states navy. that was not an enjoyable twelve weeks, but friends were made and we managed to have a pretty good time, reguardless of whether or not we were supposed to.

being in a trying environment and cut off from your friends and family for so long helps you to realize what is important, who you really are, and where you want to be in the future. i know myself better because of it and in the long run, i should be much happier.

graduation day was wonderful... my father and sister came to watch the formal parade and then we zoomed off to philadelphia for a much deserved hair appointment at my favorite salon. that was followed by three weeks of heavenly rest back home, where i purchased a car and spent some time roaming around chicago with my favorite traveling friend. chicago was a treat after spending so much time in philadelphia. my lovely philadelphia... how much i've missed it. who would have thought?

destined to be sent to sunny california, where my skin would surely roast off in less than a month, i packed up a good bit of my favorite clothes, shoved everything into my little car, and drove to oceanside, california with my father. we took hwy 40 and route66 for the three day trip and had a very nice time. dad stayed in california for an extra couple days, during which time we explored the area and put our feet into the pacific ocean for the first time.

after a week and a half i was on my way up to port hueneme, california north of los angeles, for more of my training. i thought california was supposed to be sunny, but apparently this area has decided to rebel. how lovely.

i've accumulated a whole bunch of random stuff here and am constantly looking to purchase things that remind me of people i miss and all the things i left behind at my dad's. i miss my drawings and all of my beautiful things.

good news though, plans have changed and eventually i will be back in philadelphia for a two year assignment. funny how i thought i'd be leaving forever, moved all my stuff to the midwest, just to be sent back approximately 9 months later. i wonder if the city missed me too.