Friday, June 27, 2008

tickle, a tasket, one more in the basket

more tickles taking shape on the home front...  1.6667 born every month at this rate which makes the gestation period approximately 18 days.  i did that math after waking up at 5 o'clock this morning to say goodbye to my apartment guest whom chicken showered with a million cat hairs as a less than pleasant welcome.  with my guest went the pink inclined tickle to her intended home.  i think she came out very nicely, even if she is acrylic.

her turning out so well and my awakeness this morning inspired me to finish the wee tickle that i've been putting off finishing.

i might try my hand at making a different kind of doll today... if i can get the intern awake.  i may just have to use bribery if i can find the tuna.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

arsenic and old acrylic

a new tickle takes shape with the help of acrylic yarn.  i hate acrylic yarns, preferring cotton and wool, but as i cannot find the 100% cotton yarn in pink, i have no other choice at this venture.  apollo doesn't think i should worry so much about it, as the yarn plays just as well as anything else.  this tickle has an intended home, so at least one of them will have found an owner.  as for the rest of the tickle gang... they are amusing themselves in an old milk crate, safe from chicken's (apollo) ever growing interest.

i didn't get half as much done today as i had wanted, even if my "to do" list has been getting checked off.  after a weekend out of philadelphia to the very green country side broken up by a day at the beach in rehobeth, delaware i should have made a greater attempt at these things i need to get done... such as getting a job.  even if it's not for lack of effort on my part, there is always more effort to be made and chins to be kept up.  well, one chin.  if i have more than one chin, then my worries are far worse off.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

macbook gets a pocket

got a scare last night when i smelled gas in the kitchen and had pgw here until 2:30am inspecting.  stove as a problem and they've been outside all day digging up the street.  since i'm going away tomorrow for a couple days, i can't see leaving my macbook here... i should probably stash my external somewhere as well.  this being the case, my little mac needed a pocket to call home.  one broken sewing machine needle and some hand stitching later...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

case of the mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays, thursdays...

little onion productions has hit an enormous snag -- kitty is willing to do his part (i.e. sleeping all day and begging for cans of tuna), but little onion of little onion can't seem to get things into gear.  instead, boss lady sits around thinking about how things haven't been going her way for the past month and while it has seemed like an eternity since graduation and family/friends all packed their bags and said "adios", it has only been one month and the world just might not end for a little longer.

a new tickle found her way into the world tho...  meet Mim who can be found and purchased here along with Iko and Quack!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

two months later

i graduated.  finally.
thesis is over and hopefully i'll have a job soon.

there was no time to post while thesis was coming to a close.  there wasn't much time for anything.  final thesis presentations were on May 12 and 13.  I went on the 13th around 4pm.  i slept the next day.  the day after that (the 15th) i moved into
 my new apartment with allison.  she moved a lot of her stuff in that day and the rest was moved in the following sunday.  my dad arrived in philly on the 20th.  my mom arrived in philly on the 21st.  graduation was on the 22nd at 4pm.  i was nominated for 2 awards, didn't get either one because i didn't build a building, but graduated cum laude (a surprise to me).  i did have the best outfit tho...
allison left for india the next day.  she won't be back until mid july.  we miss her.  i got sick the day of graduation.  i cried so much that week over several things and lost my voice for a little more than a week. 
life is slow in the apartment with windows and so many hours existing in the days now.  i go on interviews, send out resumes, talk to friends and family, i got a cat, houseplants, and some curtains.  things aren't too bad.

his name is apollo.  he's my new assistant for little onion productions.  this is a kibble paying intern position.