Tuesday, January 8, 2008

tickle me tender tickle me sweet

tickle number two! i began almost immediately after the first, realizing what i did wrong and seriously reconsidering the sizes of things like feet, hands, arms, and body. proportions were very different than i had wanted for the first.i love the bright red color contrasted with the seabreeze and the bright white hands, feet, and nose. they don't have many colors of this yarn at pearl, but i was looking at joann.com and they have plenty of colors. i may just be placing an order soon.
after done, tickle002 decided to have a look at my bathroom for whatever reason, probably wanted to look in the mirror, but couldn't reach. rather silly, she tried to play hide and seek in my medicine cabinet. good thing i look in there, otherwise i would have found a dead tickle in a couple days - she might have been trapped for good.

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