Friday, January 4, 2008

tonight after work, i made plans for a crazy friday night - to do dishes, perhaps make dinner, listen to harry potter audio books, go get yarn, and begin making my version of my misio. they are just too cute, and slightly stupid, and i simply must have one minus the $60 price tag. i'm not going to make an exact replica... i might rather have a bunny or something with a belly. something like a amigurumi buddah/rabbit/cat. i like the yard colors that i got, seaspray and natural. actually, there weren't very many options. i suppose if this one goes well, i can always make nicer versions.

i've been thinking how much i'd like to open an etsy store... except that i don't make things that often, or that perfectly (since everything is usually made for me and i make certain allowances), and don't have much time with work and school. or school and work, as it should go. but for the moment, i am excited. i'd like very much to take this little thing with me to california and the grand canyon when i go in a week (gosh, less than a week) but probably won't because of the armature wire that will be inside and how am i to explain it to the people at security? and more than that... i don't want to have to do it in front of the people i'll be with. a shame. perhaps i'll let someone babysit or it'll stay at home and keep jill, my pretty red bike, company.

the first project of the year commences now!

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