Saturday, June 7, 2008

two months later

i graduated.  finally.
thesis is over and hopefully i'll have a job soon.

there was no time to post while thesis was coming to a close.  there wasn't much time for anything.  final thesis presentations were on May 12 and 13.  I went on the 13th around 4pm.  i slept the next day.  the day after that (the 15th) i moved into
 my new apartment with allison.  she moved a lot of her stuff in that day and the rest was moved in the following sunday.  my dad arrived in philly on the 20th.  my mom arrived in philly on the 21st.  graduation was on the 22nd at 4pm.  i was nominated for 2 awards, didn't get either one because i didn't build a building, but graduated cum laude (a surprise to me).  i did have the best outfit tho...
allison left for india the next day.  she won't be back until mid july.  we miss her.  i got sick the day of graduation.  i cried so much that week over several things and lost my voice for a little more than a week. 
life is slow in the apartment with windows and so many hours existing in the days now.  i go on interviews, send out resumes, talk to friends and family, i got a cat, houseplants, and some curtains.  things aren't too bad.

his name is apollo.  he's my new assistant for little onion productions.  this is a kibble paying intern position.

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