Thursday, August 21, 2008

augusto sleepy

there never will be enough hours in the day, it seems.  at least, i'm not awake enough to fully take advantage of most of them.  by the time i get to my coffee in the morning, get to work, be at work, have lunch, go back to work, and come home, eat dinner, check e-mail, go for a run, and shower it is about 10pm and i find myself very sleepy.  too sleepy, in fact, to get very much else done.  however, these past couple days i have managed to resume making my previously usual "to do" lists and crossing off the items by the end of the day.

i've been researching the folding styles of letters in centuries past and created my own technique upon not having found the particular style that i was in search for.  i think mine is much better anyhow and have spent some hours in the past days meticulously folding sheets of parchment paper in preparation of letters to be written with my quill and ink.
but otherwise... very sleepy.  too much to do, too warm, too humid.  very sleepy.

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