Sunday, October 12, 2008

seasons of harvesting

the weather has been doing its best to cool down and i'm beginning to look forward to sweaters, fall jackets, and the autumn leaves falling to the ground in wonderful burnt colors of the season. pumpkins litter the windows and stoops of the city, smiling their toothy grins to passerbys reminding us all that the harvest has come, holloween is approaching, and that if we want to keep warm we should ready the nearest aphgan, cups of hot cocoa, and maybe even someone to cuddle with. for those reasons, fall is my favorite season.

on these cool days the air is crisper than the mugginess of the summer, leaving me feeling ever refreshed, ready to take on projects... or sleep. however, with the evening sun forcing its glow into my window, i cannot go to sleep early, but take refuge at my desk, with my lovely macbook in front of me and the furry kitty sleeping at my feet.

the chair that did not get sat on for a number of years got a new seat this past week. the chair came from my grandmother and was linked with her rolltop desk from the time that i was very little. even in its unusable state, i couldn't part with it.

with the weather cooling, the air conditioner has left my window free to be open and has made chicken a very happy cat as he loves to explore the rooftops of our block.

since my roommate has left the country for another during the next couple weeks, i took the first of the next couple lonely weekends to finish a dress that i began to make during my third year of college... a significantly long time ago. three button holes and approximately 10 more stitches and i'll finally be done.

bad news is that i'm not so sure i like the dress anymore. on the bright side, while finishing the dress this weekend, i managed to make a shirt with fabric i was going to use for the dress and that came out to be adorable.

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