Tuesday, December 9, 2008

on the move: destination midwest

packing began early last week... and didn't stop until the move. the move, from packing up my apartment to setting up in northwest indiana, was documented in 300 images and 1 video. i've selected about 12% of those images to post here:

the living room was the destination for everything packed. here, all my things waited to be taken down the stairs and thrown into a 4x8 uhaul trailer.

chicken was very confused about things being moved around.

all of my things beginning to be piled into one big lump.

my side of the bookshelf emptied.

my "to do" lists sitting on my pillows and all prepared to leave then ext morning.

just before everything moved out.

one last look back at my building: the beige one just after crash bang boom, third floor.

chicken was not amused. he and george were the last to leave the apartment. chicken's carrier was positioned in the middle of the two front seats so that we could get him out if we needed to. he was bothersome and spent most of the ride with my sweatshirt over the front of his cage so that he couldn't see us. he ended up sleeping most of the time. george was on the floor in the back, between my plants. we heard no complaints from him.

4th and south, philadelphia: waiting to get out.
one last look at william penn from 676.

and the cira center waved goodbye as dad was trying to get the gps on his phone to work.

goodbye philadelphia art museum. too bad you aren't as cool as chicago's art museum, but you look nice after your restorations.

one last view of the skyline from the schuylkill expressway.


i think this sign was supposed to say something... oh well.

our exit in indiana!
it's 3am. we pull into the exit and there's only this automated machine that refused to take quarters.

and yet it wanted fifty cents...


and would you look at that: the trailer is still attached. way to go...
we didn't start unpacking until we got some sleep. i took refuge in my sister's bed. this was my sister's room while we were growing up. the day i turned 18 and left for college, my sister took over my room and the room pictured here has looked like this ever since.

it took 4 hours to load everything in philly and 45 minutes to unload into my dad's house. my stuff filled the living room and the kitchen.

my mirror while i was growing up... now in my sister's room.

we were to have dinner with my grandparents on sunday afternoon. this is the little blue house at the entrance to their drive way. their property used to be part of an old farm and this is the only building that is left of the old estate.

my grandparents' house a couple acres back.

and now... my room set up. the purple color is quite a change and looks this color during the day. at night it's softer and i like it better, but it's girly and my stuff makes everything feel like home.

and while uploading these pictures this morning, i heard chicken meowing somewhere in the house....

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