Tuesday, December 2, 2008

packing up goodbyes

procrastinating the evening away from a paper i should be writing, i spent last night packing away most of my things. the most special of them have yet to be packed, but things came together quickly. cabbage patch kids, raggedy anne, marmalade, teddy, tickles, cuddles, finished and unfinished alike all made their way into bags next to boxes filled with art supplies and piles of drawings and paintings. another thing - how did i acquire so much lotion and body wash? this question will continue to disturb me...

and tonight while i should be writing the very same paper that i so cleverly avoided last night, i'm sitting at my desk for one of the last times, thinking about the last things i have to do before i leave. the holiday radio station that i have playing on itunes reminds me that the major holidays are quickly approaching, we'll make our resolutions, and say goodbye to 2008. this week is full of goodbyes: to a boy, my hair, my friends, an apartment, a city. today even as i said goodbye to the first of that group, i realized how happy i am, in the midst of what is a sad time i'm the happiest i've ever been and so glad to be making strides towards the future with my planner tucked under my arm filled with piles of "to do" lists that endlessly amuse me.

tomorrow at 12:30pm i say goodbye to my hair and at 8pm to friends from school. all that's left is to finish packing on thursday, load up on friday, and leave before dawn on saturday.

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