Monday, June 15, 2009

the uninterupted cloud

there is a cloud that hovers above this state. the entire state. it must be, because i sit here day after day and observe the same weather conditions as the day before. california is not so sunny as they say and i am thoroughly convinced that the governor and all californians are in on some diabolical cover up to stimulate the tourist economy. "come to california where it is always nice and sunny, but be careful of getting sunburned!" oh sure, i'll watch out. that cloud might fall on me and the moisture that collects on my skin from the previously floating pond will attract the rays of the sun and make them all that much stronger, giving me third degree burns all over my body. i'll watch out. right after i leave and go to the east coast where we don't pretend not to have bad weather.

i guess there has even been an earthquake while i've been out here and i had no idea. the excitement is insurmountable.

the weekend of the 6th & 7th i was in the philadelphia region, attending a wedding. the weather was amazing. soon, i will be back there and i'll probably miss sandy beaches that i never go to and the depressingly dismal skyscape... ok ok, i'm sure this state is sunny sometimes. i was in oceanside, south of los angeles, for almost two weeks and it was gorgeous everyday. apparently the sun stays south of LA.

i really shouldn't blame california. i am the cloud... wishing i could drift back to the east coast.

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