Monday, July 27, 2009

dancing days away

took an excursion to LA this weekend... and saw some things:

that was the last weekend i'll spend here. in four days, this coast will be left behind for another. while some dream of the opportunity to come here, i desperately miss my east coast. i miss my cobble stone and row homes. so much is going to happen in these next two weeks... and i feel unprepared for all of the changes that are required to take place so quickly. i'm apprehensive while excited. i have overstayed my welcome on this coast, if only by a week or so, but i feel it suddenly. there is an uneasiness in the air. we are itching to leave for our next assignments, to find apartments, go home, see family and friends that we left behind months ago. it's always this way...

when the philly winter hits, i'm sure i will miss a bit of the california warmth i've experienced here, but i will make it up with soft sweaters, fitted jackets, boots, warm cookies and milk in front of a warm fire when the snow is coming down outside, cuddled up next to someone. i've found more warmth and happiness in the dead of winter than in any rays from the sun.

until then... i wait, shifting in anticipation...

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