Tuesday, February 19, 2008

tickles of love

another tickle. this one, accidental. something happened in the middle of creation and this little guy was born hat first! silly how these things happen sometimes, but some of us need hats more than others.born on valentine's day (a day i would usually not even recognize unless otherwise forced to), there might be something special about this one. no armature wire, this little guy is completely soft and therefore, does just about nothing.
it must have been the curly hair that made me do it... there's no explanation. i was watching harry potter and the order of the pheonix and watching luna lovegood with the phestrals, her bare feet and long curly blonde hair, i thought, "hey, i need curls!" and ten minutes later i had my sponge rollers out and was in full swing of rolling up my brunette locks of what was sure to be pure craziness. and it was!

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